Wild Animals

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Submissive woman moaning with lips open parted as Dominant makes passionate love to her

I don’t just want satisfaction from you . I want your mind ripped left , right and center & want your body to peak and fall countless times in one night . I want to feel our raw animalism alongside our heart stopping passion.                                                                 

 I want you to feel beautifully sexual and sensual . I want to open every padlocked closet of your fantasy palace & explore whatever treats you have locked away.  I will never be satisfied with the ordinary , never just want a part of your heart or a part of your body .                   

I want your every barrier stripped , every veil lifted , until me and you lust each other like wild animals, passionately fucking intertwined — my pleasure giving into your pleasure , yours’s giving into mine !

© The Mystic Dom 2016

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1 thought on “Wild Animals

  1. dakinitaapasionada says:

    hi mysticdom… we chatted a bit a few years back, when you wrote some really thoughtful comments on some of my musings. i have recently been revisiting and dusting off this blog and some of my writings from that time, and that led me to perusing your site again, which is quite lovely.

    not sure if you are still writing, but i hope so. i like the way you think about things. xoxo


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