Lucky will be the Soul

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Dominant soul holding his submissive her throat and whispering in her ear how lucky he is to have her

Lucky will be the soul
Who has your will
Maketh you complete
Your cup, he fills

For you , I can see
Offer it all
For rise, you will
Even in fall

You kneel your body
In poise and grace
You honor me
And I humbly respect

Your will, your strength
Not your weaker self
You choose the path
And plan the way

Even in Bondage
You are free of will
My Command , My Orders
But your word, seals

You are not lesser
But higher than me
Empathy , the Virtue
A promise from me

You will be first
In the scene I make
Your Safety , Your Concern
Will be always at stake

You will be pleasured
In the stroke of a cane
And soothe , I shall
To ease your pain

You will be tied in ropes
You will be Pulled and gagged
You will be my lovely pet
and my name , collar tagged

Give in to me
For I will take care
and make you explore heights
only a real man dares

Lucky will be the soul
Who has your will

Β© The Mystic Dom 2014

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    1. themysticdom says:

      am so humbled and honored by your reblog . apologies for the delay in reply . am glad you found this worth enough to like so immensely πŸ™‚


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