The Queen

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Beautiful Submissive Lady Bathing and looking sensual divine sexy and hot

Dressed in magic
and wrapped in sin
She made me intoxicated
On me, so much grew her sheen

She bathe in milk
and roses soaked
Her skin silk
Even angels hoped

Her contours smooth
Her curves deep
Even gods  wished
for a mortal leap

Her lush lips divine
Her fragrance too
Oh my, her black hair ! as if
a magic weave

She ruled hearts
She was a Queen
She was somebody
Anybody had ever seen

She could go afar
than she had ever been
Her followers at her feet
in  defeat, their win

And I can only repeat !!!

She was dressed in magic
and wrapped in sin
If this is heaven
Oh Lord, Let me in !!! 

Β© The Mystic Dom 2014

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  1. Pyx says:

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