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BDSM Hot Dominant Man sitting in suit in front of a chess board

The Mystic Dom  has always been interested in experiences derived beyond the obvious. deep in thought, mature in action whilst imparting unparalleled mutual pleasure. Experiences that stretch beyond the imagination of the mundane and boring mindset to cross barriers of passion… sensuality … and ecstasy.

Having been into the deep intuitive world of BDSM first hand since 2005 when he moved to Europe in his early 20’s (so not your cliched google search educated Dom & definitely not the “Fifty Shades of Grey” educated Dom) , The Mystic Dom is a soul who is a collage of experiences that have spread across barriers of cultures, nationalities and personalities . He feels honored by the trust endowed by his subs into him and he feels that in their process of discovering themselves, the journey has shed new light on his own self.

The intent of this blog is not to educate any soul to the world of BDSM. Albeit , in the process of writing the different topics he intends to  or experiences to be shared , if a willing soul finds his /her education , he shall be honored . The Mystic Dom combines sensuality with serendipity , kink with class , and erotica with exhilaration . He always believes that the Mind is the most erotic organ of the human body as  it controls everything. And the “power to control” by your thoughts, conversations and thinking ( in a positive way) is one of the most attractive virtue .

A nomadic soul by nature ,  A true gentleman by day, A passionate lover by night and a Mystic Dom for all seasons.

Feel like sharing your thoughts out to him ? Feel like pouring all that you have held within ? Then do not hold back . Break down the walls of apprehension and leave all taboos at the door as you reach for him.

He currently resides in India.

You can reach him via the clicking this  link  Contact  .

His social media links-> Instagram   Pinterest    Tumblr 

Welcome to his World ! Welcome to his Soul !  …..And yes Ofcourse

BDSM Dominant Submissive lifestyle describing naughty quote that talks about exploring the dark wild naughty side

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8 thoughts on “About “The Mystic Dom”

  1. cpmandara says:

    Mumbai, hmm. Balmy temperatures and lots of curry if memory serves me correctly – although I spent much more time around Delhi. Enjoying the delightful traffic and the odd cow upon the road? ~grin~ Love the about. First profile to catch my eye in a while. That and the fact that I enjoy a good game. Of chess 😉

    1. The Mystic Dom says:

      Thank you Ms Mandara for your kind comments . Well, Mumbai and Delhi are as different as chalk and cheese but glad to know that you enjoyed your time here . Although , I occassionally miss the rare British summer weather too because it made the beer all the more sweeter !!!!
      I am highly honoured and obliged to have been caught in the sublime gaze of an established author and practitioner like yourself of the beautiful lifestyle . As for Chess , isnt it beautifully ironical that the whole game is in front of our eyes yet we have no idea of what the next move will be and bring …….. Just like in Life ….and BDSM !!!! 😉

  2. Desiree G says:

    A very alluring glimpse into a very interesting soul, indeed. I look forward to reading much more about you and from you.

  3. Desiree G says:

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. I hope your day is full of devilishly dominant delights.


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