Who is “The Mystic Dom”?

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BDSM Hot Dominant Man sitting in suit in front of a chess board
I respect the Code of Honour
Cos I am The Master
I leave my soul alone and my body free
Cos all I will  need and give … is respect
I rise high and above
All….. but beyond me I go to the tip…and back
Cos all I need is ecstasy
I  don’t seek  flesh .. I don’t seek lust
I am not looking for just a physical thrust
I don’t want just your body
However perfect you may be
I want your mind
For you shall be treated
to kink…of a different Kind
I ain’t looking for a one night sleaze
That ..for me doesn’t please
I seek to make love…
Not just a meeting of the flesh
I would like a petal , a bud , a  flower
To bloom together  on a higher level
I Like a  good conversation … more from the eyes
Somebody who loves a good wine… more ON HER. Than  IN HER
A Soul .. who savours passion
A soul… who savours  a High
Who wants to rise and  fly
I am a Dom  , I aint the regular
And I also aint looking for somebody usual
My sub should be … a companion smooth
Who when is with me .. gives the world two hoots
And enjoys the time ..we spend together
And later is free to walk… if she wants to
I aint gonna stop no one… cos nothing is eternal
The moments for now…. the memories , forever
Cos beautiful relationships ..don’t have names
And a Dom and Sub know their game
He gives her solace… in Collars and Cuffs
He makes sure its smooth… on a path tough
He will make her wet… in gushing rain
and makes her soak … in pleasure and pain
And so shall be you , My sub !
You will be bound … but there will be no boundaries
You will be spanked .. and teased
You will be treated … like a bad girl should
And yet, You will be respected… like a true Dom would
I mean what I say.. and I say what I feel
Am a  travel soul I have explored a lot
I am  a nomadic tribesman
My mind is a field
 I harvest creativity…I cultivate passion
And so I seek … A rhythm synchronized
I seek a feeling .. hitherto unknown
All I seek is  a sub divine
Who sees two bodies… but one mind.

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12 thoughts on “Who is “The Mystic Dom”?

    1. themysticdom says:

      Ahh , am honoured by your kind words . But may be you would have other thoughts on me being a wicked Dom if you read my new posts “The Waiting Game : Part 1 and 2 😉

      1. Kate Spyder says:

        Mmmm.. Oh contrare, reading “The Waiting Game” only helped solidify my thoughts and liquify my dreams. 😉

  1. themysticdom says:

    Ahh, so you know what will you be getting into here . This will be sweet death ,Kate . And the Soul that I am , I would actually make you look forward to the trip 😉

    1. Kate Spyder says:

      You did that on purpose! You made me search for your response and oh what a sweet response sending heat searing beneath my skin and my breath to quicken in anticipation. 🙂

      1. themysticdom says:

        😉 , ahh so you have started to read me … I like that 😉 … I wanted to see that heat searing in you , tuning up the lava to the brink of a mental orgasmic volcano

  2. Kate Spyder says:

    oh my dear, you have no difficulty doing just that. Would it bother you to know I’ve been waiting all day to read you?

    1. themysticdom says:

      Ahh , I am honoured and moved … now that you have been waiting for all day for me , Its only fair that I make up for it in the night 😉

      1. Sofia says:

        It did and I have to say that you are one charming Dom. 🙂
        Thank you for your kind words.


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