When Daddy Teases !

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Dominant teasing submissive with his fingers between the legs and making her wet in the BDSM Lifestyle

My lips twitched
and came a sigh
The sight of daddy
gave me a high

He looked at me
like the time has come
the lips twitched again
and oozed a moan

“Kitten..Please “
“Turn around “.
He ordered me
In sweet sound

And I just do
What Daddy says!
So turned around
and spread my legs

“This feels good “
“This feels wet”
“Seems like inviting “
“for the bait “

Daddy sure knew
how to tease !
“Yes Daddy
“Gimme Please “

A sly smile
Daddy gave
and I was shy
Like a good girl naïve

What comes next
The night will find
but whatever will
Will blow my mind !

© The Mystic Dom 2014

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