The Waiting Game : Part 2/2

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Please read only if you have read Part 1 first.  Click here for Part 1

BDSM Submissive tied sensually to the bed and made to wet in anticipation by her Dominant Master

A sense of anticipation and excitement emancipated from her face as we both settled in the car for our drive ahead to our destination of orgasmic paradise . And I was in no mood to make the journey anybit less interesting than the destination itself . (I am such a Bad , Master ) !

“BabyGirl , Our evening begins now and from here onwards you will obey every command of mind .Everything that I say , Everything that I ask you to do . Do you Understand ?. And so , First of all close your eyes  “. 

I could hear her whisper a meek “Yes Sir “ as I put  my hand in her bag of toys that she had carried along ,  to bring out my first friend for the evening ~ The blindfold.

Her body gave a sudden subtle surprise as the velvet feel of the black blindfold caressed her face . A soft smile graced her gorgeous lips as I continued tying the knot behind the head. And I was sure she was smiling from her eyes as well thinking of “What the fuck is gonna happen tonight ” !!! 

I started the car and we were on our way. There was silence between the two of us but I knew she felt as if it was the classical calm before the storm. I stopped about 500 metres ahead and parked myself along the side of the road near an empty spot  . It was already 19:00 hrs and  twilight had fallen making the moonlight sky look like a virgin beauty. There were not too many people on the road and I could see in my backview mirror a young lad of 21 approaching our car .

” Oakley street , Parkview Circle . Would you know where that would be fella ? “ I stopped him and asked as soon as he reached near to my side of the Car door . Before he could figure an answer to this fictional address of mine , he was lost in a maze of amazement watching a beautiful lady in a LBD kept blindfolded on the side. “No Sir “ He mumbled . ” I have not heard that one before “. 

“You might want to think again ,buddy “.I coaxed . “Think over it. You might remember where it is and may be a bit of concentration here would help” . Saying so , I played with the top three buttons of BabyGirl’s dress undoing one each at a time . I felt a shiver run through her spine as her curvy cleavage rendered itself open to full view as I parted the flaps. The thought of an young lad watching her made her bosoms heave more than ever and it felt as if the bondage of the silky embroidered black bra was a hurdle to their freedom.

His eyes popped at my sudden action ,rendering him speechless . “So are you sure you have no idea of Oakley Street “ I asked again , kneeding the soft supple beautiful flesh over the bra only to pinch her dark nipples getting ready for the action ahead . “Mmmmmmmmmm “ She moaned , making the poor fella lose any idea of whatever geography he knew . “No Sir , I really don’t know “.  He mumbled with whatever courage had been left in him . “Its near Parkview Circle “ I was determined .” You know Park View Circle”,  as I exposed one breasts out of the bra and making circular motions around the round periphery of her dark areola . The poor fella went into almost tizzy watching sweet love unfold knowing not and how to react to the scenario . “Thats fine then . You can leave ” . I ordered ,starting my car again .

“Oh my good lord ” Did you just made me exhibit to a young lad “, She uttered , trying to put her exposed breast back again in her bra.  .

“Stop “ I commanded . “Did I tell you to touch yourself ,Baby . Did I ask you to put that back in . Didn’t I say that you will only do what I ask you to do ” .

“Yes Sir . I am so sorry “ , Making no meaning of the question she had posed to me earlier about exhibiting her .

I stopped again at a secluded spot .This time to take the services of my 2 next friends from the bag of toys . As she lay still anticpating my next move , I pulled out first a pair of handcuffs . Engulfing her hands in the cuffs , I locked it on the handle above the door . A sly smile laced her face again . “Oh Sir , This is not what I was expecting when you meant an evening of surprise . This is literally beyond my imagination “. I couldnt help smiling as I brought out to the fore a remote controlled vibrating bullet . “We have just started Baby . Now spread those legs for me” . I slid over whatever little of her dress was covering her thighs only to rub gently her opening of the nectar cove over her panties . “SSSIIRRR “, She hissed , Moving suddenly as if she has been  subjected to a laser bolt of pleasure . I softly pulled aside her beautiful lacy panty to discover a moist haven of love . Without touching her more , I inserted the bullet in her clit , covering it back with her underwear .

The helplessness of her hands tied with one breast exposed in a moving car and now , with a remote controlled vibrating bullet inside her made her squeal in pleasured sweet anger towards me “”You are so fucking Bad , you are so fucking mean , I hate you “.

“Ssshh Baby girl , Be nice to me and I will be nice to you “. 

I pressed the first level of the remote as I started my car only to have her squirm in her place. “You can’t do this to me”  I only laughed at her predicament . Knowing her ability to take it all ,I increased on to the next level  only to see biting her lips in pleasure.  I played with the levels and the on/off switched as I drove along whilst watching her wriggle in her seat helplessly with her hands tied . After a good few minutes , I pressed stop allowing her to take a breathe. ” What on good earth are you doing to me , Sir.  I am flowing like a river and I need you in me , Please ” . She begged like a kid wanting her favourite toy . “Not so soon Baby Girl “ I whispered in her ear. “You must be treated to some more love till you are ready for me “ ,I responded taking my phone out and  dialling a number .

” 21st broad street , I will be there in 10 . Just by the road to Amsden forest ” . I hung up checking on the big question on Baby’s face as to what my next move will be .

“Is that where our Hotel is , Sir “ . She couldn’t hold on to her inquisitiveness for long and the curiosity took the better out of her .

” Well what do you think , Baby “ I asked .

“I hope so that’s it unless you spring another surprise “ I smiled on to myself knowing she had started to read me for the evening.

As I pulled onto the road for Amsden forest , It was pitch dark. I was driving for an hour . My hotel was not far away but I had stopped to give the final surprise to my little girl . With not a soul in sight , I helped her out of her cuffs and walked her to the backseat with the bullet still embedded in her and her blindfold on . Her surprise knew no bounds when I made her lay on the backseat .

“We are not having car sex . Are we ” ? She questioned .

“Your answer will be revealed baby “ as I sat next to her keeping her head on my lap . “Now take off your panties and spread your legs ” . She obeyed not understanding what was I doing near her head rather than her legs.

She sprung like a bonded bird from a cage as soon as she felt the touch of soft lush lips on to her labia . “Relax Baby, Enjoy whatever is happening onto you ” .I calmed her excitement and apprehension down as I caressed her head softly on my lap . “Sir, What are you treating me to tonighttttt… “ She barely managed to speak her words in fragmented language as Kiera , my friend continued exploring Babygirl’s  nectar cove. As Kiera’s hands explored the curves of  babygirl’s body , the latter left no time in holding on to the former’s palm. Their fingers entwined onto each other and both birds knew they were one of the same kind. Kiera soon found the bullet embedded in babygirl’s clit and now took controls over the remote. She soon became engrossed in making Babygirl twist and turn in pleasure and anticipation with her playing with her lips on the clit and the vibrating bullet simultaneously . I knew baby girl will not be able to hold for long such a trial . The mean master I was,  I was in no mood to let her cum and signalled Kiera to stop her action right when Baby was at her tip . Babygirl hated me EDGING her and sprang out the meaniest of verbal volley on to both of us as we laughed at the situation.

I knew that I had prepped babygirl to the hilt. In the most unimaginable of circumstances , not in her wildest thoughts she would have known what she would be through when she walked in to the bar . She knew that she would be fucked but she never would have  thought that the journey to  fornification would be laced with foreplay of paramount extremes. Combining her fantasies of exhibitionism and GirlPlay , I knew that the kink in her mind had reach its peak ,especially with the blindfold on and her being unaware of the people yet obvious of the situation around her.

I know I would now make passionate love to her , rather FUCK her good . But I knew I had already made her cum a million times in her mind by now. Ofcourse ,she had to wait for her Sir to be in her good and hard and deep but THE WAITING GAME was every bit worth it . !!!!

Β© The Mystic Dom 2014


P.S:-  Thank you for reading . Am sure the picture at the start of the post would have made you expect a different scenario. But am such a mean Master , Aint I ? Lol. I hope you enjoyed reading it .Please let me know your comments .

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24 thoughts on “The Waiting Game : Part 2/2

    1. themysticdom says:

      Thank you for such a wonderful note. You said it all without saying much . Am so glad that you liked it . πŸ™‚

  1. Kate Spyder says:

    My morning started with reading this delectable story, what a wonderful way to get the juices flowing in the morning and possibly some inspiration for the next part of a story I’m writing for my other blog “Breathe In My Touch”. I don’t think you are mean, just simply sinful. πŸ˜‰

    1. themysticdom says:

      Well am glad that it made your morning . and am honored and humbled with being an inspiration for your next post. Let me know about it .As for being Sinful… I am totally a Devil’s man πŸ˜‰ .

      And BTW , am sure the juices that ran were creative …and more πŸ˜‰

      1. Kate Spyder says:

        Definitely creative … and more πŸ˜‰ just click on my name here on this comment and it will take you to my blog, my latest post is part of an ongoing story, part 4 & 5 has elements that you inspired. I hope you enjoy it. πŸ™‚

        1. themysticdom says:

          I will read the whole serious. Am out this weekend .So will read the whole series next week at ease and definitely let you know my thoughts … If they matter though πŸ˜‰

          1. Kate Spyder says:

            I would enjoy hearing your thoughts, and yes, they matter. Have a beautiful weekend. If you like you can use my contact page to send me your thoughts. πŸ˜‰

  2. Kelly says:

    It was well worth the wait, and a fantastic story to get the day going for sure – with many delightful surprises. Also, I appreciate the heads up on the post I’d have been sad if I missed it. Thank you, Sir.

    1. themysticdom says:

      You are welcome Kelly . I love delivering pleasant surprises ,especially when my woman is expecting them the least ; )

      1. themysticdom says:

        Glad you loved it … The story unfolded new twists and turns as I went along… You know its a good one when it brings a smile to the writer’s face as he unfolds it slowly . Thank you Reenie for reading it πŸ™‚

          1. themysticdom says:

            I guess a man has to be in tune to a female response. That’s basic! isn’t it ? All I can I say is I try πŸ™‚

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