The Waiting Game : Part 1/2

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BDSM Dominant watching  and  caressing the long lovely legs of his Submissive and being naughty with her in a restaurant

It had been a good few weeks since we both had tasted the fruits of an evening wrapped in bondage and kink . Infact , it had been a few good  weeks since we had even just met ! Work had kept both of us busy with an added infusion of travelling . The wait was becoming unbearable like a parched land praying for the monsoon rain. The feeling was mutual and the anticipation intense .

Finally , both of us were in town and free of our personal commitments and the plan was on . She knew how much I loved to plan our rendezvous and she knew how well I would plan this  . The only thing I informed her over the phone is the outfit that she should wear for the evening to meet me and the ones that she should carry to wear for the night . I had called her at the restaurant at 6 pm for a drink  although  I didn’t want either of us to drink alcohol that night . Ofcourse, I wanted her to taste a high , but of a different kind . And I wanted her to be in her senses ; to be completely aware of things that will be and are happening to her .

I purposely settled on a table at the very far end of the restaurant for a reason only the devil in me knew. Also despite having the liberty of choosing a comfortable low seating , I choose to occupy the high bar stool table. She walked in earlier than 6 pm . Obviously ,the excitement to meet her “Sir” was killing her too. Heads turned and a few feathers ruffled as she opened the door . She was wrapped in a gorgeous LBD (Little Black Dress ) that oozed out oomph to the core . It had a decent of shoulder  fabric and a neckline that ran deep enough for imagination but not for a show . Her shoulder length hair was held up in a pony leaving her pristine nape of the neck open for the beholder’s view . The hemline of her dress finished just a level below her nectar cove and one wondered whether heaven started where it ended . Her make up was subtle and so was her jewellery . Nonetheless , her list of admirers grew as she walked past the tables . And as she did, the click of her black glossy stilettoes on the wooden floor made many a heartbeats skip !

We embraced and hugged in passion . Obvious yet unobvious to our surroundings. When we parted , her sly smile told me that she exactly knew why I had asked her to wear this dress and now , why I had chosen this bar stool. We sat and talked about absolute unimportant nothings ; Work , Family and the rest of the trappings of a mortal life .

“So what’s the plan for the evening “. She finally uttered as she sipped on her Virgin Mojito.

“Wait till you find out . Let it reveal you to yourself “. I responded with a wink .

” Oh Sir , Can’t we not move where we intend to. Infact , How I wished we had straight away met at the pad rather than wasting our time here ” .

“Hush”, I whispered placing my index finger over her beautiful lips . “You must understand one thing ,Baby Girl . Its Sir who decides how , when and what will happen tonight . You have to just soak in the flow , like you always do. The wait to orgasm is what will make the volcano of your senses stir up the lava before it actually explodes . And after all, whatever will happen will happen for your own good “.

She knew that this was no ordinary night and her Sir had something evil planned for her and I could see the excitement overflowing from deep black eyes . After all, the voyeuristic teasing that she was being subjected to by the patrons had started getting the best out of her. Her long slender legs were constantly changing positions for their approval . She knew how much this pleased Sir. She wanted him to touch her . To feel what is rightfully his . I was sure that by now the gazing eyes of  men combined with the anticipation of an evening of intriguing passion must have made her nectar cove spill the first few drops of her sweet  honey on her underwear.

After her  patience knew no bounds to be taken to her next destination , I settled the check and we started to walk out . I could sense many-a -sighs moan as the goddess departed leaving many a followers asking for more .

But was she were to be fucked so soon as she thought she would ?

Well , she would find out herself as to what lay behind the door I was just about to close .


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Β© The Mystic Dom 2014

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7 thoughts on “The Waiting Game : Part 1/2

  1. Kelly says:

    Intriguing story; looking forward to reading part two. Hope you have a splendid Birthday week. πŸ™‚

    1. The Mystic Dom says:

      Thank you mademoiselle Kelly. I hope you will enjoy Part II. The devil is at work currently πŸ˜‰ . as for the birthday , its next week on 15th. But thanks so much for remembering it

      1. Kelly says:

        You’re welcome. I thought I read it was this week, my bad. I suggest you celebrate all month long then. πŸ™‚

      2. Stacey says:

        Love the story want to read more. Happy Belated Birthday.

  2. The Mystic Dom says:

    Nah , not a big fan of birthdays . so no week or month long celebrations. lol.. Its on 15th though. You are invited for the party πŸ˜‰


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