Release your Wild Side.

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Release your wild BDSM Naughty Kinky soul and break free from vanilla lifestyle

Am a collage  of everything !!!!

The moon and the stars
The sun and the sand
I am what remains
I am what slips off the hand
I am the peak of my erotica
I am the valley of my soul 
I am the lightning on a rainy night
 In darkness too , I  feel whole
 I am the hues of summer
I am the shades of spring 
 I am colors of nature
That seasons bring
My Mind is my worst enemy
and its my best friend
Its got a crazy start 
with no limits no end
Its a sensual lover
With ropes and toys 
Come in my solace
And seek your joys
I am what I am
And this is me
and this what it is
and its always gonna be
My Sub , I will 
Protect and worship
and in the journey of kink 
We will travel to the tip
Believe in me 
and rest your trust 
Find your release
In passion and lust 

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