The Gift

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Kinky Naughty  wild BDSM Threesome session between two women and one man

Sir had setup
A special night wild
With two birds together
And both naughtily spoiled

“Come over # 0415 “
He said on the phone
In deep manly voice
Itself a turn on

“I have got a treat “
“for you tonight “
To both he gave
The same delight

He knew exactly
What they wanted
Especially after they had
Many a “man prey “ hunted

He wanted them to taste
A skin smooth as theirs’s
A touch of a feather
Sweet ,soft, bare

So each walked in the room
Ecstasy bound
Their eyes met
sparks flew around

Each looked at “Sir”
With a sly smile
Thinking, such a sweet nectar
Its been awhile

Taking a sip
Of his red Bordeaux
His eyes smiled back
And signaled to flow

Watching them come close
Birds of the same flock
He knew he had made
A treasure unlock

He knew they will be happy
To be so close and warm
Lest the heat alerted
The bloody fire alarm

But he was having the last laugh
Watching them meet
For him , he had gifted
His own special gift

The birds turned to beasts
With passion unleashed
And when ecstasy subsided
“Happy Birthday Sir “! They wished !

© The Mystic Dom 2014

P.S-  I don’t know why but I really liked this poetry of mine. When I started writing this piece , I didn’t plan or thought of the cheeky ending and adding a surprise twist and element but it happened. Those of you who read one of my previous post “Coffee with the Devil : Planning for the Birthday “, I had written one line which mentions my favorite thing and which I will reveal at a later date. Well , this is it ! Nothing like unleashing two birds of the same flock onto each other 😉 As for Room no. 0415 , its just a metaphor for 04/15 aka 15th April , which is today . My Birthday 😉

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12 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. Desiree G says:

    Such an invitation to discover another bird of the same feather would certainly be a wish come true for me. Delightful poem. Again, Happy Birthday!

  2. Sofia says:

    Happy belated birthday.
    Such sensual poem.
    My favorite lines
    “The birds turned to beasts
    With passion unleashed”

    1. themysticdom says:

      Thank you for your kind comments ,Sofia… I am honoured by your kind words. I love those lines too- To see the soft subtle shy petals of the same flower to bloom in all its glory and radiate an enigma unseen , unfelt before …

      1. Sofia says:

        You are welcome.
        I don’t remember where I saw you commenting but I am glad I clicked on your blog…I will have to dig into your archives, as time allows.
        I think I am going to enjoy your writing and your blog.

        1. themysticdom says:

          Well I believe that there is nothing called co-incidence . Its all meant for a reason 🙂 You only have to read the signs .

          As for the archives , they are not much. But I believe they will be worth your time . And hopefully , as you swim along through the river of my thoughts you will enjoy my writing , my blog…..and a lot more 😉

          1. Sofia says:

            Yes, I also don’t believe in coincidences. 🙂
            Thank you for the warm welcome… I am pretty sure I will enjoy it.

            Also thank you for requesting acesss to our blog. I approved you. I hope you like and enjoy our blog.

    2. themysticdom says:

      Thank you for the wishes . I had a wicked smile on my face when I wrote those lines . I am glad you picked them up 😉 xoxox


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